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A certified personal trainer and also the Owner of Gym Brigade.

He started this gym with a vision on creating an environment of, "No discrimination, No judgement" for people to come to the gym and be a better version of themselves.

He has competed in various sports, such as Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Strongman.




A certified kettlebell instructor, Coach Zakchary is what some would call a jack of all trades. He has competed regionally in both kettlebell and powerlifting sport.

Zakchary is an avid learner to everything.


He is currently pursuing a Diploma in Sport & Exercise Science. 

Kettlebell Coach

Zakchary Tan

Coach Zaki is a well known Strongman Athlete in Singapore, notably his top 5 placing in World Natural Strongest Man, where he competed head to head with some of the strongest natural athletes in the world.

Strongman Coach


Coach Razzif, well known for his achievements as a rare super-heavyweight in the Singapore Powerlifting scene.

Notably the first Singaporean to squat 300kg on the platform.

He is also a 6 x Powerlifting Champion and has 4 National Records under his belt.

Powerlifting Coach


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