Gym News

To adhere to the Social Distancing guidelines by the government and to prevent the gym from closing, Gym Brigade will enforce the maximum limit of 23 pax in the gym at any one time. This 23 pax includes the staff on duty.

All visitors to the gym will also be required to fill in a Travel Declaration Form through the QR code and show to the staff on duty before entry.


Any travels within the last 14 days will be denied entry into the gym.

Do take note that Personal Training and Classes will take priority over Open Gym individuals.

Gym Brigade urge that individuals who want to visit the gym should chat with us through the website so as to not make a wasted trip.

Maximum time in the gym will be limited to 2 hours per individual.

Lastly, all users need to bring your towel or else you will be denied entry!

Thank you for your understanding and let's fight this pandemic as a nation!