Friday-Sunday 12-1pm*

This class focuses on the 3 essential barbell movement: Squat, Bench, Deadlift.


Under Coach ills, proper technique is paramount before moving on to heavier weights.


With these 3 essential barbell movements, you can then move on to other advanced movements where Coach ills will guide and assist you.

Friday-Sunday 1-2pm*

Lifting stones and tyres are examples of movements in Strong People. Strongman kind of movements are taking the world by storm where sports such as Obstacle Racing have taken and adapted Strongman movements into the sport. 


In this class, Coach ills will teach you the secrets and techniques to lift heavy objects in an efficient and effective manner. 

*Kindly inquire for this fasting month's schedule


Wednesday 12-1pm, Saturday 2-3pm

Also known as Calisthenics (street workout), it teaches you how to implement bodyweight training techniques to increase strength, muscular endurance and cardio fitness. It keeps your body lean by burning fats and toning up your muscles.

In this class, you will learn various different bodyweight workout moves and how to execute them with proper form to maximize results. You will also be taught how to use simple workout equipment to facilitate training.

Coach Adam is a rock climber and has been practicing calisthenics for many years as his main workout routine. He is also a certified Sports Nutrition Specialist so you can expect some basic nutrition tips during his classes. Join us and stay shredded with Coach Adam!

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